With over 10 years in the design industry

our professional services range from major

renovations to design consultations. We 

establish clear objectives for your project

then plan, design, manage and execute

from inception to completion.  Working 

within your budget, your new space will

be functional, aesthetically pleasing and 

complement your style of living.


  • Floor Plan and Space Plan Layout

  • Finish Selection: Cabinets, Counters, Backsplash,

      Flooring, Wall Texture, Paint, Moldings, etc

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Lighting and Fixtures

  • Window Treatment Specification

  • Project Oversight


  • Living, Dining, Bedroom, Office, etc

  • Space Planning and Furniture Layout

  • Furniture and Custom Upholstery

  • Lighting, Artwork and Accessories

  • Window Treatment Specification

  • Product Purchase, Receive and Install

  • Project Oversight


  • Color Consultation

  • One Day Design

  • Virtual Design

With over 10 years in the design industry our professional services range from major renovations to design consultations. We establish clear objectives for your project then plan, design, manage and execute from inception to completion. Working within your budget, 
your new space will be functional, aesthetically pleasing and
complement your style of living.


90 minute Color Consultation is

perfect for clients who need help

selecting interior or exterior color

schemes. We will recommend 

complimenting color palette that

aligns with your style preferences, furnishings and lighting specific to

your project. You will receive paint sample cards during the visit and a detailed specification sheet by email for your painter and for your reference. 


Cost:  300.00


3 hour On-site Design Consultation

to discuss your design project:

may include color scheme(s), existing furniture layout, 

new furniture and accessories,

sourcing recommendations,

contractor referrals and trade resources. After our visit, we will send a follow-up email outlining the project for your reference. 

Cost:  600.00


Virtual Design is an online design service that is a great for clients who are not on location, working with a smaller budget or timeline, or need assistance sourcing products/materials

and creating a layout. This process typically takes around 4 weeks from

the planning phase to completion.


More details about process below.

Cost:  1500.00

ask about multiple room discounts


  • Project details

  • Budget

  • Timeline

  • Discuss design services/process


  • Define scope of work- Sign contract

  • Project cost estimate

  • Collect retainer

  • Measurements

  • Photos

  • Color scheme

  DESIGN CONCEPT (approx 6-8 weeks)

  • Floor plans, layouts, elevations, drawings, etc

  • Source products: furniture, lighting, artwork and accessories

  • Finish selections

  • Project total vs budget


  • Concept boards w/samples

  • Space plans, lighting layouts, etc

  • Specification list

  • Corrections: any changes will be made during this time as we strive for happy clients

  • Collect payment


  • Purchase products 

  • Coordinate with contractors, vendors and suppliers


  • Arrange pieces according to design plan

  • Finalize details

  • Collect final payment

  Cost:  200.00 per hour 

  • Timeline varies between 2-6 months depending on complexity of project (kitchen remodel vs. living room furnishings)


  • Initial phone conversation to get to know designer and process

  • Fill out questionnaire so we can get to know you and your design preferences

  • Send measurements of your space. Include any furniture and artwork you want to incorporate into the new design

  • Send a photo of each corner in the space and one from the entrance (this picture should capture the overall view of the room)

  CONSULTATION (Google Meet)

  • 60 minute design consultation upon receiving contract and payment, as well as, preliminary items. This is where the fun begins and we can really dive deep and learn about your style and project scope

  DESIGN CONCEPT (approx 4 weeks)

  • We will begin space planning, sourcing products and creating a cohesive design suited just for you 


  • The moment you have been waiting for...Reveal day! You will receive a concept board, layout plan and shopping list so you can visualize your new space


Not completely satisfied, not to worry!  This service includes one revision review because we value our clients and want you to love your space!        


  • Now that you have a professional design, you are ready to begin purchasing and installing furnishings and accessories. 

"Together" we have transformed your space into something...